Walking the Path With Confidence

By Steuart Payne

We had a wonderful time of prayer this morning at our Tuesday morning prayer meeting. As we were praying I saw a picture that I’d like to share as I felt it was relevant for our whole church family…

I saw a person walking along a narrow and difficult path, which I felt was representative of each of us as we take the Lord’s path for our lives. We understand that it’s often not easy to take the path that leads to life, but we choose that path because we want to honour God. 

The way of life winds upward for the wise. (Prov. 15:24) As I watched this person walking along this path I saw that they were moving slowly and looking down at their feet in order to stay in the centre of this narrow path, rather than falling off to the side. It was really difficult for them to stay on the path. But then I saw that Jesus was standing at the end of the path, calling and beckoning them to come to Him. As this person lifted their head up to look at Jesus their journey quickly became much easier and they were no longer struggling to stay on the path… they simply looked to Jesus and walked confidently down the centre of the path.

What does it mean?

I believe this person represents many people who are trying so hard to do things God’s way and take His path for their lives, yet often slipping or falling away. Yet all they need to do is lift up their eyes to Jesus and they will walk with confidence and strength along the path that God has called them to walk. No longer trying to do things in their own strength, focussed on the “doing”, but simply gazing with adoration at Jesus and empowered by His Spirit. “Not by power, not by might, but by My Spirit,” says the Lord. (Zech 4:6)

I hope this speaks to some of you today. Let’s set our minds on things above (Jesus!) – not on the things of this world.

9th October 2019