Family Church

Our Response

Due to recent events in the world there has been a huge outcry against racism in many nations, including here in the UK. We are reminded again that many black and minority ethnic groups still suffer terrible racism.


The senior leaders of Family Church want to make it very clear that we condemn any act or attitude of racism. We are a multicultural church working in multicultural communities, seeking to embrace and celebrate our ethnic and cultural differences and we will not tolerate racism in our community. We believe that every person has equal value and equal rights regardless of their social, economic, cultural or ethnic background.

As a church we seek to provide an equal platform for every person to serve the Lord as members of the body of Christ, which is made up of many different parts, yet flows harmoniously together as one united body. We condemn any act of racism or injustice that has been shown to any black or ethnic minority individual or family in our community. You are not alone. We seek to better understand how we can stand with and support those who have suffered in this way. We earnestly desire to see an end to racial prejudice and injustice in our nation.


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