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Resources Trapped – Mercy for Addictions

Trapped – Mercy for Addictions

By Nancy Alcorn

If your life is out of control and you feel hopeless, you havent read this book yet. You thought, just one time wont hurt. But now, what once seemed innocent and harmless is consuming your life. You need it to get through each day. You feel hopeless and see no way out. Is there any hope for breaking free? Author Nancy Alcorn says yes, you can find hope and freedom if you apply the principles in this book. Nancy combines deep compassion with practical knowledge, insight and guidance from Gods Word. The lives of thousands of young women who have experienced the life-changing program of Mercy Ministries, which Nancy founded, are proof that these principles work. Trapped will help you recognize the signs and symptoms of an addiction, identify the root issues behind the behavior and learn how to break free and stay free. Read the stories of girls just like you, who once had no hope but now live with joy and freedom. A chapter full of guidance and encouragement for parents and others who care is also included. There is freedom and mercy for addictions!