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Resources From Pain to Pearls: How to turn your trouble into triumph

From Pain to Pearls: How to turn your trouble into triumph

By Arianna Walker

How do we respond when bad things happen to good people? Can we really trust God when He does not always intervene to prevent our suffering? If God does not promise us a trouble-free life, then what exactly does He promise?

These are real, gritty questions that many Christians struggle to answer when they are faced with adversity in their own lives or in the lives of those around them. Using real life stories, anecdotes and personal experiences, this book will show you that though you may not be able to choose what happens to you, you can choose your response to it.

God is not the source of our pain – He is the resource for our healing. From Pain to Pearls will help you discover the tools made available for us to overcome every hurt and trial, and will connect you to an ultimate hope – that in and through our suffering we can become more than we ever thought possible.

‘This book is both practical and hope-filled, so let its pages push you into your promises.’

Steve and Charlotte Gambill – Life Church Bradford

‘Arianna Walker is hugely inspiring – she has written a book of hope, a book of transformation and restoration that will leave you feeling empowered to embrace a process of change from the inside out.’

Nicky and Pippa Gumbel – Holy Trinity Brompton

‘We thoroughly recommend this book; it will be a light for those who are in darkness and a manual for those who counsel them.’

John and Anne Coles – New Wine

‘This book is a beacon of hope – an easy to read, practical manual for healing, peace, help, strength and so much more!’

Matt and Beth Redman

Arianna Walker is passionate about seeing people from all walks of life overcome brokenness and adversity to reach their God given potential. Drawing on years of pastoral leadership experience, she uses practical examples to educate, equip and empower Christians to rise up and reach out.

Arianna regularly speaks at conferences and churches, is the author of Mirror Image and the Executive Director of Mercy Ministries UK. She is married to Matthew, they have two teenage sons and live in Bradford, England.