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The Marriage Book

By Nicky Lee and Sila Lee

For married couples
- This book gives you priceless, lifelong guidance for marriage
- Alpha's Nicky & Sila Lee help you build a marriage to treasure
- Why should we get married? How do we stay married?

How do we resolve conflict?

What's the key to good sex?

Can we stay happily married to one person for the whole of our lives?

In this book, Nicky and Sila Lee distil the wisdom and advice they have gleaned from more than forty years of married life, and from their experiences of talking to and helping many other couples. While based on Christian principles for putting love at the centre of a marriage, Nicky and Sila's advice will benefit any couple regardless of their beliefs. They show how we can not only stay married, but make the most of our marriage, covering topics such as:

- Staying connected
- Effective communication
- Parents and in-laws
- Conflict and forgiveness
- Sex and expressions of love

The Marriage Book provides practical advice for any married or engaged couple who want to build a strong and lasting marriage, while also offering insights for single people who are interested in gaining a realistic and hopeful view of marriage.