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The Path to Recovery

By Dr Kate Middleton & Sara Garvie

"Self Harm: The Path to Recovery" is a comprehensive study of self harm written by Kate Middleton and Sara Garvie. The book clearly defines self harm and discusses its onset, development and opportunities for recovery. It also provides advice for those people who want to care for a sufferer.

Academic literature and European surveys have suggested that Britain has higher levels of self-harm than anywhere else in Europe. "Self Harm: The Path to Recovery" is a timely and suitable aid to all those whose lives are affected by self-harm. The authors discuss real-life examples and share their knowledge of the most effective methods of recovery. The book also includes a summary of recent research into self harm and the relevant statistics that have arisen from this body of work.

Contents of "Self Harm: The Path to Recovery" inlcude:
Part One: What is self harm and how does it develop?
Part Two - Recovering from self harm.
Part Three: Caring for sufferers.