Passing the test

By Olivia Elmes

SO if you don’t know, I have taken my driving test plenty of times. Approximatley six times (if you’re from America then that probably seems extra hilarious but it’s realy hard in the U.K) but I have lost count so I’m not entirely sure. Either way, it’s been a long, exhausting and expensive journey. Today I passed the test! I learned some stuff about perserverance that I think can relate to other areas of our lives. If it feels like you just keep going around and around and that one thing that you want seems to be the one thing that you just can’t get, here’s some thoughts and advice from my journey. Don’t let waiting become resenting I think that in different ways we all have those frustrating ‘tests’ that just seem to never end. Whether it be: getting that job, passing that exam, waiting for bae, or any…

22nd February 2019