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Our Redeemer

By Andy Elmes

Resources Our Redeemer
Job 19:25, NIV
I know that my redeemer lives, and that in the end he will stand on the earth.

In my opinion, Christ the Redeemer is one of His most wonderful names.

In Brazil a statue of Him called by the same name overlooks Rio de Janeiro and magnificently it stands, overseeing everything as far as the eye can see. The good news is that Jesus is so much more than that statue! He is the living redeemer who oversees everything in our lives today. You see, the statue of Him in Brazil can only look in one direction, forwards. But King Jesus, the living redeemer, can look in all directions concerning our lives.

He is the redeemer of our past, ‘that which is behind’, the present, ‘that which is now’, and of the future, ‘that which still lays ahead’. He is constantly making new and good things in our lives that previously have been broken and don’t make sense.

One definition of redemption is “to buy back” and that is something that we can all rejoice about. Jesus, as our redeemer, bought us back from the lost condition that the first man, Adam, sentenced us to. Becoming the sacrifice and substitute for our lives at the cross, He bought us out of the darkness of separation and back into relationship with God, having paid the great price with His own blood. And because He rose from the dead we now have confidence that our lives are redeemed, snatched from the kingdom of darkness, and we are now citizens of His rule and reign.

He is Christ the redeemer over your eternal soul but also He is the one who brings perfect redemption to the daily lives we live too: our health, relationships and every other situation that may have become broken, lost or confused. He is the redeeming King who has all authority to make all things new with us and for us. Like Job, know today that your redeemer lives and is busy for your good; know also that one day He will stand upon this earth again and you will see Him face to face.

There is a redeemer
Jesus, God’s own Son
Precious Lamb of God,
Holy One.
Jesus my redeemer,
Name above all names
Precious Lamb of God,
Oh, for sinners slain.

(Keith Green)
God bless,


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20th December 2019