Family Church

Installing the new family church app

1. Go to your app store and search for Church Center App and download it to your device.
2. Once you open the app... lets get started!
3. You can either use location services on your device to find your local FC congregation ("Use my location") or manually type in your location.
4. Once the app knows where you are it will look for churches near you, select your Family Church congregation.
5. Confirm that the selected congregation is the correct one.
6. Now we need to log in (this is a one time operation, you won't need to this every time you open the app).
7. Enter the email address you use to access Planning Centre, or to register for events or check Planning Centre Services.
8. You will be emailed a 6 digit code, this is for security purposes and as mentioned, it is a one time thing.
9. Confirm that it is you.
10. I would recommend using Face ID (or touch ID if that is what your device uses).
11. It is up to you whether you receive notifications, but I would recommend that you "Allow".
12. Biblically the number 12 represents perfection or divine authority... what more can I say! You have arrived at the new Family Church App.