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Hi! I'm Sophie, the Congregational Pastor of Est. 1825 Guildford, the students and young adults congregation of Family Church in Guildford. I grew up near Guildford and after time away at University in Exeter and further study in London, I returned in early 2010 and have been living in and around Guildford and part of Family Church ever since.

It was during my time at University and the start of my professional life that I really got to know God and got excited about faith, and my own crazy journey through working in the City to now working as a Chaplain in Further Education ignited a desire to help students and young adults to discover all God is and to build an unshakeable faith on His word and truth. I'm passionate about seeing this next generation of world changers rise up as a voice above the noise in our culture, in shunning what the world offers and shouting a message of relentless hope and sacrificial love to those around them; jumping head first into the fun and crazy adventure of following God!

Our young adults community is a core part of the Family Church Guildford congregation which meets every Sunday morning - here we get to serve as part of amazing diverse teams with people of all ages, married couples and families, who love getting to know the young adults and welcoming them into their homes.

We then meet for our own dedicated young adults service every Sunday evening at the Empower Centre Guildford where we have a time of praise and worship, are open to the Holy Spirit and hear some practical bible-based teaching on issues that are relevant to all the joys and battles you face as a student or young professional! We really want you to feel part of our young adults community so this is always a great time to hang out and get to know the other 18-25 year olds better, and hear about all the social events, connect groups and discipleship opportunities that we run specifically for young adults during the week.

So if you're between 18 and 25, whatever your background or church experience - whether you’re new to the area, looking for a refreshing church experience, or simply inquisitive about the whole ‘God thing’, come pay us a visit soon in the morning or evening – our amazing team of young adults leaders would love to meet you and help you to get stuck in and grow in your faith.

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Empower Centre Guildford
21-22 Woodbridge Meadows, Guildford, GU1 1BA

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Empower Centre Guildford
21-22 Woodbridge Meadows
Guildford GU1 1BA