Living in obedience

By Olivia Elmes

Acting In obedience is not “always feeling it” or “always having a great day”. Obedience is the gritty “I don’t feel like it” stuff. Much more than that, obedience can’t be a decision that we make but instead it must be a life that we yield to. We yield to the life of Jesus now in us. I could never be obedient on my own. My choices change too often, my preferences are different every week. We are far to fickle to be obedient. It’s too hard. We have to yield. Our obedience is in our yield. We don’t have to say yes to everything, we just have to say yes to Jesus and everything else will follow suit.  When cars have to yield to traffic, it is one or even a couple of cars at a time that go out. If all the cars go at once then there…

15th March 2019