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By Ray & Sarah Mills

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Living in the Philippines as missionaries leaves you with a few choices when it comes to schooling your children.

1. Public school – For a westerner, joining the public school system would have been very difficult indeed and that would have also put Isaac at risk of kidnapping as well as other dangers.

2. Private schooling – these would be very expensive although there would be plenty of international students within these schools, often it is the wealthy that would attend these.

3. Missionary schooling – although there are a number of schools dedicated to missionaries for the education of their children, they are a very expensive option way beyond our capacity. Not only that, it would be at least 4 hours of traveling a day for school alone.

4. Homeschooling – This leaves us with the most flexible choice which is homeschooling. We have put as much effort as possible to take on this task, creating a fun environment for learning in the home. With this, there is a need for us to think long term making sure we don’t limit Isaacs’s learning. We have had to catch him up on his speaking over the past 18 months as he was struggling to communicate. Now we can focus back on the other things as well.

We have introduced him to Science, Art, English, Maths and he has done very well. Now he is a bit older and now we have a baby also we want to make sure that nothing is missed.

Now Isaac is older we want to introduce him to sports as well so he has the ability to be active physically as well as mentally. When he is a bit older we will also be enrolling him in an online schooling system for homeschoolers to give us a bit more structure as he grows up.

We are so proud of him, this little man has dealt with a lot of change in his little life, and we thank God for him!

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20th January 2020