Students & Young Adults

Established is our young adult and student church in Portsmouth. If you’re a young adult (aged 18+) you are so welcome to come along to our meetings on Sunday evenings. You will find that we are very friendly and encourage you to hang around in our coffee shop before & after the meeting so we can get to know you better. Coffee or tea is free and served from 6pm.

We typically meet at the Empower Centre, but sometimes we mix things up for socials or road trips – so it’s good to keep an eye on our Facebook Page, Instagram, or the Family Church app, to make sure you’re in the right place at the right time! If you need a lift we offer free transport on Sunday evenings, details on our Congregation page.

As well as our Sunday evening meetings we occasionally run seminars to address specific topics like dating and creation science, we also have a Connect Group running in term time, and we connect with the CU to make sure we’re reaching students at Portsmouth University.

Have a look at our Congregation Page for more information about us.

We are passionate about student ministry, to connect and invest into the huge number of students who arrive in Guildford each year. As a missional community, we have a mandate to see people found by God and embedded into family. We want to be a family that loves people well and encourages them to walk out God’s best for their lives. If you are a student and aged 18+ then why not come join us on a Sunday morning & look out for one of our student team members after the service, who would love to connect with you.