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Getting Ready

By Ray & Sarah Mills

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It’s almost time to take that jump again! It’s almost time to pack up our bags and head back to the mission field. We have loved traveling as a family, although incredibly challenging we can’t imagine doing it any differently.

We love the mission field and we love the challenge God has given us. To say we always like it would not be true. But we love it, we love how different the calling is for us but we are confident what we do today is affecting the future of many people surrounding our lives including our church.

We arrived in the UK in October 2019, since then we have reordered copies of our birth certificates and marriage certificates. Ordered a new passport for Sarah. Sarah also gave birth to our daughter Penelope Hope, we have had her birth certificate authenticated and now just received her first passport. All the formalities are done!

Here is Isaac cuddling with his new baby sister, he is already so in love with Penny and it’s so cute to watch!

We have completely forgotten the chaos a new baby brings hahaha, but we are loving having another addition to the family and we are still getting used to saying we are now a family of four!

We have had an amazing time with family and friends while we have been back and it’s always bittersweet thinking about heading back.

But this new year is full of the purposes of God and we are excited to see them come to pass!

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1st January 2020