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GENERAL – Why Trust the Bible? by Amy Orr-Ewing

You don’t honestly believe all that stuff in the Bible!’ Challenged by her friends, and later as a student by theological teachers, Amy Orr-Ewing was determined to leave no stone unturned in her eagerness to prove that the Bible was unique and wholly reliable.

Her passion drove her to complete an in-depth study of the answers to ten of the most frequently raised objections she encountered, including: * Isn’t it all a matter of interpretation? * Can we know anything about history? * Are the original manuscripts reliable? * What about the canon? * What about other holy books? * Isn’t the Bible sexist? * What about all the wars? * Isn’t the Bible out of date on sex? * How can I know?

Sensitively yet convincingly, the author addresses the issues and the arguments, showing that we have every reason to trust the Bible today.

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