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By Ray & Sarah Mills

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Living from the seed of others is an interesting dynamic. Firstly you are so grateful that people are actually choosing to sow into your ministry. Then the other dynamic is you still have to make sure you are living by faith because that monthly balance can very quickly change.

Back when we had stable jobs we were always able to budget and save etc, we were actually quite good at that.

Now living how we are, when situations change, whether it’s a tax increase or a rent increase, a larger bill than normal or a medical bill that came out of nowhere due to some random sickness, you can be left counting the change in your pocket making sure you still have what the family needs.

The challenge is not to give in to the panic of our souls when we don’t know how much is coming in. We have to live by faith which means we turn to God each month and say thank you for whatever amount comes in and time and time again we have always seen God provide. Matthew 6:25-34 – Do not worry. These verses have always been encouraging to us.

As well as having faith, we are always wanting to increase our faith. We are believing for things right now that nothing outside of God can bring to pass.

One faith project is an iPad for Isaacs’s schooling and without sounding snobby we are believing for a new one because of all the constant updates that come out we know that a new one will last. Isaac is now 4 years old and we want him to have the best we can provide for his schooling as time goes on. We don’t want him to be left behind in any way.

We know that with his schooling there is a lot we can do but there is also a lot we cannot do. This is where our faith projects like this come in to help us increase our capacity and functionality as a family.

Another desire we have is to one day not be so reliant on people’s giving. We want to be able to increase what seed has been sown. We want to increase our ability to continue to grow as a family, prepare for the future and also sow ourselves. One thing I have always said to the Lord is the more you give me the more I will give.

The other faith project is to write children’s picture books based on our playtime with Isaac, soon it will also include Penelope.

I have already written one and now working on the second. I have sent the first one off to five editors to read and each of them loved it which was encouraging.

The other ability God has given me is to paint, so I will continue to do this as another faith project as and when the budget allows.

We thank God for the journey of faith. I never thought I would be doing anything like this, but I thank God for the crazy Ideas which could actually produce something with His hand of favour on our lives.

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21st January 2020