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Empower Global works as...

Family Church

Empowering communities through local congregations.

Family Church Missions

Empowering nations by supporting relief work and missionary organisations.

What the charity does

1. The advancement of the Christian faith by the proclamation and furtherance of the gospel of God.

2. The promotion of the worship of God by any means whatsoever, including the preaching and proclamation of the Christian gospel; the teaching of Christian doctrine and principles; and the printing, production and distribution of Christian literature, media products and other resources.

3. The relief of persons in conditions of financial need, or of those persons who are infirm for reasons of old age or sickness.

4. The advancement of education on the basis of Christian principles including the provision of educational establishments, materials and bursaries for the general education of children or adults on the basis of such Christian principle.

Charity Directors

Man - Head and Shoulders
Mark Ferguson
Mark Ferguson (aka Fergie) is married to Jozefin and became one of the Directors of Family Church in January 2020. Mark is a 4th generation believer and from an early age has always loved serving the house (the church) with enthusiasm and passion - most recently in the Portsmouth congregation, as Event Manager, musician and sound tech. Mark came to Portsmouth in 1989 to study a Mechanical Engineering degree. After starting a career in the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University he progressed into software engineering and the early days of web development. Today Mark owns and runs a successful business ‘RefurbFerg’ established 6 years ago and undertaking all types of home improvements. In his spare time Mark is a competitive athlete and a regular ParkRun participant (when they are permitted) and Last October completed a hilly cross country marathon in just under four hours.
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Wayne Keeping
Wayne is married to Nicky. They have 3 Children, Lauren who is married to Max who head up the work of Stellas Voice in Moldova, Megan who is studying at University and Jack who is at secondary school. Both Wayne and Nicky have been Christians since childhood.Wayne and Nicky have been leaders of Family Church since its beginning.Wayne serves as a Trustee but is also an Elder/Senior leader of Family Church. Wayne is also a Director of Stella's Voice, a charity with links to Family Church. Wayne's background is in engineering where he had established and built and run a company which eventually merged to form a larger company covering MoD work worldwide. He left this job as Operations Director after receiving a call from God to work with vulnerable Children leading him to Stelas Voice. An organisation that exists to remove the risk of trafficking from young people in Moldova.
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Sotonye Dokubo
Sotonye joined as Director at Empower Global in January 2023. Sotonye became a Christian as an adolescent and although his faith walk was on and off (mostly off) for many years, he never strayed too far (which he credits to his mum's faithful prayers), he eventually recommitted to a relationship with Christ in 2019 and has continued to grow in this ever since. Sotonye attends Family Church Portsmouth where he serves as part of the large Sunday team. Sotonye is a Thermo-Mechanical Engineer by profession, specialising in thermal designs for electronics. He is supported by a loving family and close friends.
Man - Head and Shoulders
Mark Ward
Mark joined as a Director at Empower Global in 2016 after initially joining Family Church in 2004. Mark became a Christian in 1974. The 1990's were a struggle faith wise but God intervened in a dramatic way in 2002 to see a return to Christ and subsequent re-engagement with service at Family Church Havant congregation worship group and leading discipleship activities. Mark is married to Glenys, with two grown children, Elisa and John, who each in turn are married with two children each. For a number of years Mark, as self employed or with multinational companies has had opportunity to work and travel across many countries in roles in Quality Assurance, Project management, Business improvement and interim management. This has given him a broad understanding of cultural styles and various business processes which has equipped him to offer support in a range of responsibilities as a Director at Family Church. With a long commitment to supporting the local community, Mark has served as a school governor,  committee member of a local residents association, Special Constable and also running as a local councillor.

Annual Report

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