Family Church

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Aims & Activities

Family Church

Empowering communities through local congregations.

Family Church Missions

Empowering nations by supporting relief work and missionary organisations.

Synergy Alliance

Empowering churches and church leaders through effective networking.

What the charity does

1. The advancement of the Christian faith by the proclamation and furtherance of the gospel of God.

2. The promotion of the worship of God by any means whatsoever, including the preaching and proclamation of the Christian gospel; the teaching of Christian doctrine and principles; and the printing, production and distribution of Christian literature, media products and other resources.

3. The relief of persons in conditions of financial need, or of those persons who are infirm for reasons of old age or sickness.

4. The advancement of education on the basis of Christian principles including the provision of educational establishments, materials and bursaries for the general education of children or adults on the basis of such Christian principle.

Charity Directors

Mark Ferguson
Mark, aka Fergie, is the owner of Refurb Ferg undertaking all types of home improvements. He is married to Jozefin and they live in Portsmouth. Mark is the Events Manager for the Family Church's Portsmouth congregation. In his spare time Fergie, is a keen runner, competing regularly in Park Runs and most recently he completed the virtual London Marathon.
Wayne Keeping
Simon Smith
Mark Ward

Annual Report

To view our annual report for January to December 2019 click here