Courtroom exchange

By Olivia Elmes

I’m honestly just blown away by the mercy of God. Where we were guilty; remorseless in our own iniquity. When shame was our only companion; guilt shook its head at us. A jury before us, their minds made up. There was no escape. There was no plan B. I was guilty and all of the evidence stacked up against me. There was no lawyer who could help me, my sentence was certain. I visited court for one of my classes (Forensic Linguistics) and it high-key shook me. I wrote his almost immediately afterwards, in the notes on my phone, because I was deeply impacted. It’s kind of a story, an allegory of the pardoning of our own sins. THE COURTROOM EXCHANGE Trembling and defenceless, every thought was shrouded in fear and uncertainty. I looked at the judge and at the jury, I looked at the clock and at my shoes….

15th February 2019