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Watch this short video to see what 31 Days of Breakthrough is all about.

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As a church we invite you to join with us in believing for breakthrough, as we pray three times a day throughout January.
in the lives of others
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in your own life

I need to see Breakthrough

If you need to see breakthrough in an area or situation in your life we would love to know so that we can pray with and for you. Click on the button below to let us know how to pray. Together we will see breakthrough in 2022!

I have seen breakthrough

If you have seen breakthrough in an area or situation in your life we would love to know so that we can celebrate with you!  Click on the button below to let us know all about it.

How you can pray

Below are some areas or situations your church family have asked you to pray for breakthrough in. Join with us as together we will see breakthrough! If you would like to see areas in which we have already seen breakthrough click here.

Below are some areas or situations your church family have asked you to pray for breakthrough in. Join with us as together we will see breakthrough!

We are believing that Dawn will walk again.

Dawn and Norman Cronin

We need a car.
UPDATE: We have seen breakthrough... we have a car!


I am suffering from a stressful situation at university and with my visa. I want to see breakthrough in this situation.


I am need of a breakthrough in my mental health. Been struggling for a long time and would love to not be held down by it anymore.


Financial situation.


I need breakthrough with my eyesight. Complete healing!

Tony Lister

Family relationships.


I need to see my family come back into a relationship with God.


We need a bigger house. Our family don't fit in the one we have and we have another member on the way!

Cliff Bourne

My health is getting worse. Please pray that I will finally receive full healing.


I am seeing so many families where there are divisions. Parents and children not talking to each other. Marriages breaking up, separating or divorcing. I think of Malachi 4v6 and my heart breaks because it feels there is a curse on our land and communities. My hearts prayer is that these divisions will be mended! That, where possible, dads can once again be the heads of their households - to be loved and respected and to love and support. Thank you.


We Have Seen Breakthrough!

It’s time to celebrate! These are some of the stories of breakthrough we have already heard about!

Recently my family have been facing some difficult issues. My son-in-law had drawn away from God. So my daughter tried to encourage him to come back to God. My pastors and I have been praying for him. Just this week he has rejoined a connect group and is being encouraged to delve back into God’s word.
Thank you Heavenly Father for this breakthrough.


I have been being blackmailed for money recently, my fear was huge until I trusted the situation into God's hands. I experienced a real peace and declared that God would deal with it and He has. Praise God!


Healing of back/disc problems..


We've seen miracle after miracle in being able to move into a house that we didn't think was possible. We've trusted God at every step and seen Him make a way. We've also been incredibly blessed by all the help we received throughout.


We have a family car... thank you for your prayers!


Signs of my son coming back to God.


Our daughters health. She had asthmatic cough that was triggered by viral illness. It has been on and off since September 2021 causing sleepless nights for all. Last Sunday night was when it stopped at night and we have all been sleeping very well and back in our own beds. She currently has a cold which would usually cause night coughing but it isn't. Also I have received comfort, I can sense so much falling away from me like so much is being shook off and we have laughter back in our home.

Sadie Powell

Housing. We are finally able to buy our first family home. We have been praying for so long and we are seeing God move so many mountains for us.


Since my daughter's suicide alsmost 4 years ago, my life has been dominated by crushing grief, largely hidden to public view. In the first few days of this year, I experienced a profound acceptance - a peace that she's home, safe with Abba & in the presence of Jesus - the love of her life since she was 10!

Ruth Grant

Strength and faithfulness.

Sheena Matthams

My friend Carol who lives in Worthing can now chew and swallow, when she was not sure if she would still be alive now

Sue Hiles

My mum is finally able to move to the UK and the family can be together once again

Gladys Lee

I passed my driving test! 4th time trying, praise God!

Ian Fletcher

I got a new job! I thought I was going to be without work but just at the last minute I got offered my dream job! I am so happy!

Emma Wallace

1st January 2022 marks one full year of being sober. Thank you God! One day at a time but I now with the Holy Spirit with me I can make it to 1st January 2023 and beyond!