Breakfast of Champions: The Blood of Jesus: Remember the Legal Payment

By Andy Elmes

Breakfast of Champions: The Blood of Jesus: Remember the Legal Payment

Breakfast of Champions: The Blood of Jesus: Remember the Legal Payment

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Good morning, Champion.

Breakfast of Champions: The Blood of Jesus: Remember the Legal Payment

Hebrews 9:22, NIV
“and without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness.”

Jesus paid the full price, His blood, for our complete salvation.

In reference to Jesus’ death and resurrection, I’ve heard people use the statement that God robbed the grave, but no robbery occurred at all. We were legally paid for, fair and square. It is when we remember this fact that the power in His blood is activated in our lives.

Jesus commanded us to remember this legal transaction when He told the disciples to take communion. He said to take the bread and wine in remembrance of Him. Was He being sentimental? Did He want them to remember all the great times they had together hanging out? No! He knew the next day that He would be dying a horrific death on the cross and that all of His blood would be spilt for them and for all humankind and it was this fact that He wanted them to think on and recall often, because in recalling this shed blood they would be remembering that He paid the price for their salvation and He wanted them to live the rest of their lives in the light of this reality.

So what actually did this payment entail? Obviously, we could now look forward to an eternity in Heaven after death and that certainly is enough, but is there more? Yes! The word salvation in Greek (so’ te’ ria) has a great depth of meaning and is used over forty times in the New Testament. It means deliverance, help, prosperity, security, victories, preservation, safety, and welfare. Legally, this is all ours before we go to Heaven!

This is a wonderful reality and a big challenge for my faith as well. When I find the circumstances of my life falling short of what salvation encompasses, I have to keep reminding myself and the circumstances that Jesus paid the highest price for me. I have to choose to speak God’s truth into my circumstances until my blood-bought so’ te’ ria begins to turn my circumstances around.

Today, let’s take Jesus’ command in Luke 22:19 to remember His sacrifice and that its God’s heart for us to live in our full salvation.

God bless,


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15th October 2019