Breakfast of Champions: Just be yourself

By Andy Elmes

Breakfast of Champions: Just be yourself

Breakfast of Champions: Just be yourself

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Breakfast of Champions

Good morning, Champion.

Breakfast of Champions: Just be yourself

Luke 12:7, ESV
Why, even the hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not; you are of more value than many sparrows.

When you are going somewhere new or doing something like an interview people always say, “Just be yourself”. It doesn’t help – I am even more nervous now because I’ve forgotten who I am and how I act. So we sit in the interview and try to be the person they are looking for, someone who is punctual, educated and interesting. That perfect someone that our resume or CV says that we are.

Unlike a job interview, God already knows exactly who you are. He knows when you’re acting like someone else, or trying to be someone that you’re not.

If I could go back and tell myself anything as a teenager, it would be, “Just be yourself”. Don’t try to be anyone that you see in school or on the internet, it won’t work. Be the person that you are. Allow yourself to live entirely originally. You don’t have to strive to be different, just be yourself and that will stand out.

Every person that God created has their own unique personality, their own look and their own voice. How many of them traded what they had to be someone else? The truth is that you will always have that uncomfortable feeling, like the one at a job interview, if you are trying to be someone else. You will only feel comfortable being the person you are. When I think about God’s army, I can see an endless sea of people that all look radically different, but all look just like God. So many colours and expressions, all with one heart.

God is the champion of originality – if you have got it into your head that God is stiff and colourless, that is not the truth! He is the God of endless colour, imagination and passion. Even the most creative person in the world is but a branch compared to the majestic oak of God’s creativity.

Don’t be apologetic about who you are. Don’t hesitate to share the things you love, share them with passion and depth. If you feel like you just don’t connect with the people around you, even if you have tried, maybe try being yourself. You might lose those friends, but you will find others that are like-minded, friends that you belong with. All this to say: be yourself.

God bless,


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13th November 2019