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A Million Little Miracles

‘You’ve got a mass on your brain!’ Those were the words the doctor spoke to me after several weeks of feeling progressively worse and worse. Sickness and extreme headaches had led to several bedridden days; unable to move for fear of causing pain or sickness! Being admitted into hospital brought on a feeling of relief; finally a potential end to this nightmare. Little did I realise that the diagnosis was the beginning of the next step. 

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The Gift of Peace

I have just returned from the most incredible activity-filled holiday experiencing both the peace and quiet on a game reserve in Botswana, followed by the hustle and bustle of Cape Town, South Africa.

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God > Situations

I recently found myself near-suffocated by the sheer doom and gloom of the world, at work I’m constantly inundated by news of war, death, and the uncertain political climate. 

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Once For All Time

I happened upon a piece of writing by a stylist in response to a question about key pieces of clothing that would outlast trends while still not making them outdated fashion, as opposed to trends that generally last one or two seasons. It wasn’t just her response that really got to me but the question itself.

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We Serve Because He Served Us First

We all understand what serving in church means and most of us serve in one capacity or another. We utilise the spiritual gifts that we have been blessed with to serve each other so that God can be glorified through our service.

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Parenting Perseverance!

The amount of times I have wanted the result of something without any hard work is countless. Wanting to be fit after one gym session or thinking I should be a professional musician after an attempt to play the guitar. It sounds delusional, but thankfully I am finally surrendering to the reality that if I want to see and experience the results of my goals and dreams, I need to do the work because it doesn’t just happen on its own.

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Stay Curious

I was recently driving and saw a sign that said ‘Stay Curious’. I felt that God was speaking through this natural sign on the side of a building to my heart in a supernatural way. Rousing my curiosity regarding who He is and what He is capable of. Stretching the limits of my own imagination and creating a hunger deep within. Curiosity is having a strong desire to learn or know something. Curious people often actively seek out challenges and new experiences to broaden their horizons. They may not need to know but they want to, and this drives their actions. As I thought about this, I considered the bigness of God, the ways he has led me over the years and the times He has surprised me. 

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God’s Economy: Tips for Mastering Your Finances

We’ve all, I’m sure, known that feeling of desperately trying to make money magically stretch to pay-day. Many have recently experienced the squeeze of rising mortgage costs and spiralling inflation, but do we sometimes overlook the Bible as the best source of financial ‘how-to’s? Here’s some of what the bible teaches us…

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An Election Year… So What?

Politics. Love it or hate it, our TVs and newspapers are full of it. Over the last few years, terms like ‘Brexit’, ‘referendum’, ‘election’, ‘Trump’ have become as common as ‘tea’ or ‘coffee’. Whether it has you enthralled or sick to the back teeth, with a General Election looming, things aren’t about to quieten down. The last few years have, in many ways, been divisive, and unity has been affected not only on a national level but also in homes, friendships and, yes, churches. How should we, as people of God, be living in these times? I believe we need to be doing three things:

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