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Are you where you want to be?


Ten years ago, I vividly remember having a “wake-up” moment as I examined my life. I felt that my life was not moving forward. Working in the healthcare industry is both physically and mentally exhausting, and I felt like a hamster in a wheel, working so hard but getting nowhere.

Don’t get me wrong, my job has allowed me to build a comfortable life for my family, ticking some of the boxes on my dreams list. But I just felt that I was not stepping out into my fullest potential.

Growing up in the Philippines and exposed to the hardships of life, I became a driven and motivated person, always striving to be successful. So when I achieved my dreams of working in the UK and having the life I thought I wanted, I stopped dreaming. I thought I had arrived, not aware that I was living a mediocre life.

I was reminded at that moment of the verse, “without vision, people perish”. A new hunger formed in my belly. I was excited once again. I started to dream bigger dreams, but this time I was seeking God’s purpose in my life and praying that He would align the desires of my heart with His will.

(Seek first the kingdom of God and HIS righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you). When you ask God for Hiswisdom, He will not withhold it.

I started to ask God for clarity in my vision and dreams… ‘Lord , what have you called me to do? What have you prepared in advance for me to do?’

My journey since that moment has been about knowing who I am in Christ. Discovering myself, my strengths, and my potential. One thing that gives me the courage and strength to pursue the things that have been placed in my heart, is that God the Father will not withhold any good things from His children. God wants me to be successful in all areas of my life. He wants me to live out my fullest potential and live the life He designed. Therefore, success for me is not a destination or things achieved or acquired; it’s the person I AM BECOMING in the process of success. With this revelation, I now understand that this will be a continuous journey.

Being in my Jubilee years now, I am conscious of time and my steps are more intentional. That’s why I decided to do Forge Ministry School to help me speed up my learning and step into where God has called me to be.

If you feel like you are not where you want to be or your dreams are so far away…God has an amazing plan for you… just seek Him and He will answer!

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