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An Election Year… So What?


Politics. Love it or hate it, our TVs and newspapers are full of it. Over the last few years, terms like ‘Brexit’, ‘referendum’, ‘election’, ‘Trump’ have become as common as ‘tea’ or ‘coffee’. Whether it has you enthralled or sick to the back teeth, with a General Election looming, things aren’t about to quieten down. The last few years have, in many ways, been divisive, and unity has been affected not only on a national level but also in homes, friendships and, yes, churches. How should we, as people of God, be living in these times? I believe we need to be doing three things:

  1. Honour

We’re to be a people of honour. Just because someone in the workplace, your family, or your Family Church congregation has a different viewpoint to you doesn’t mean you can’t honour them! Likewise, whoever you vote for, as 1 Peter 2:17 reminds us, we are called to honour each other and our political leaders. 

  1. Pray

You may have talked a lot about politics over the last few years; you may have vented your opinions or frustrations about it on social media, but have you prayed about it? So often, people neglect to pray about such big things as national politics because they wonder what difference their individual prayer would make. Remember the Bible reminds us that our prayers are powerful and produce results! (James 5:16)

  1. Remember you are a citizen of heaven

We are in this world, but not of this world. The bible reminds us that we are just passing through on the way to our eternal destination. Though it is good for a believer to be prayerfully engaged in politics, it is important that we don’t get overly caught up in the affairs of this world at a cost to our focus on our true citizenship in heaven.

So, as you go to vote later this year, as you engage in conversation over the next few months, don’t forget: Honour, pray and remember where you’re headed!

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